New Quantum Doctoral program at Harvard seeks more unified Quantum Education

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Quantum and Harvard together, are nothing new, but the announcement of a new PhD program seeks to provide a more suitable route for doctoral candidates into the Quantum area. Harvard University has created one of the world’s first PhD programs in Quantum Science and Engineering, a new intellectual discipline at the interface of physics, chemistry, computer science and electrical engineering. Quantum technologies are proving to be multi-discipline and PhD programmes are often very specific to a particular field.

“The new PhD program is designed to equip students with the appropriate experimental and theoretical education that reflects the nuanced intellectual approaches brought by both the sciences and engineering,”

We welcome initiatives that can help boost the level of quantum education and this program does a lot to recognise some of the challenges of existing doctoral programmes which often do not provide suitable training opportunities out of a narrow area. Harvard University is making needed commitments to provide foundational education for the next generation of innovators and leaders in the Quantum domain who will transform quantum science and engineering into useful innovations.

Skilling Up in Quantum Technologies

The Quantum domain is proving wide and vast and it is clear that many are bridging the gap by educating themselves. Quantum covers the latest in physics for device creation, information science, programming, electronics and covers so many domains, education is a real challenge. For those not looking to embark wholesale on a doctoral program, there are some courses, especially online with (QZ gets commission for purchases), that aim to provide some of that quantum education. There are also some great books on Quantum Computing that can allow developers a way to easily get to grips with Quantum programming – perhaps one of the best ways to start with those unfamiliar. Of course, there are also online learning programs or MOOCS that can also offer a grounding in Quantum Computing or even the Quantum Internet. There is quite a growing base of learning resources – too numerous, so if you want to get started with Quantum, please navigate to the “Quantum Learning” section of our site.