Monday Morning Blues? Learn Quantum Computing!

Monday Morning Blues? Learn Quantum Computing!

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Has Monday rolled around again and you really feel you should be doing more in your working life? One of the secrets of successful people is that they keep learning and growing in new fields and areas. Nothing, especially in the technology space stays the same forever. Technologies get outmoded and out of date pretty quickly. Just go back a few years and there was “Big Data” everywhere. Now this phrase embarrassingly crops up from time to time, but was rightly considered a buzz word or phrase.

Quantum Computing might just be different and could be as radical as the internet. That is why it might make sense to invest time in learning and understanding about the field of Quantum Computing and how it might impact you and your work life and perhaps provide some opportunity for you too. Companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Google are looking people skilled in Quantum Information or Quantum Science.

A Career in Quantum Computing?

With the huge investment in the field, for example, where the UK and India have committed massively to the progress of Quantum Computing. It makes sense that a future job might involve something to do with Quantum Computing. Whilst the field is in the early stages of commercialisation, there are still many job opportunities in universities as researchers, companies and also there are likely to be jobs and programmers too.

Quantum Zeitgeist Job Board (Search Now for Latest Jobs)

Aside from the usual job boards such as LinkedIn and Indeed. At Quantum Zeitgeist we also have specialist Quantum Computing jobs posted on our board which are specific to the Quantum field – not just computing, but cryptography and allied Quantum fields.

Monday Morning Blues? Learn Quantum Computing!
Programming a Quantum Computer could become a new career option for today’s students. Interested? You can learn quantum computing and programming today and prepare for a Quantum Future,

Quantum Skills

No doubt new skills are required, because Quantum Computing is so fundamentally different from classical computing. You don’t need to go back to school to learn about Quantum Computing, as there are a vast number of online and offline resources that can help you understand the field.

Learning Quantum Skills Online

One of the best places to learn is online of course. There is a course from Brilliant (QZ gets commission for purchases) completely tailored to understand Quantum Information. Of course you could engage in self directed learning, but its way more fun with an online course from Brilliant (QZ gets commission for purchases) or from EdX.

Learning Quantum Computing from Books

This is an exciting time as there are lots of new books being published aimed at a more general audience which are very accessible. There are some selected books in Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning.

Learning Quantum Computing from Games

With a field with so much interest, no wonder game developers are getting in on the act. Expect to see Quantum games that teach players how Quantum Computers work “under the hood“.

What should I learn?

Here are some of the subject matters that can help you get into Quantum Computing. First, it can be mathematical and that means you should have a good grasp of the basics. But here are some helpful areas:

  • Basic Maths (Functions, Calculus)
  • Linear Algebra (Vectors, Matrices)
  • Programming (Python can be useful)
  • Basic Statistics.

Quantum Computing could be as big as the internet.

No matter where you are in your career or what you are doing, it makes sense to invest time in Quantum Computing, because at the worst you learn some great science, improve your programming and exercise your mind.