Learn Julia, perhaps one of the most underrated programming languages with Intel

Learn Julia, Perhaps One Of The Most Underrated Programming Languages With Intel

We are big fans of Julia. It has some of the best attributes of a scientific computing language and one of the benefits is that it can be used for some of the operations commonly used in Quantum Computing, such as matrix multiplications and other operations with ease. Not just that, Julia is fast and hands-down could be the language of the future. Learn from Intel, how the Julia language is taking the world by storm.

Explore the power of the fifth most popular programming language: Learn Julia

The programming language Julia has gained adoption in organizations that focus strongly on performance, with adherents such as NASA, Climate Modeling Alliance, and CERN. Julia is especially adept at high-performance computing, as many programmers at Intel have recognized. In this virtual workshop, gain a solid introduction to Julia from Professor Alan Edelman, slanted toward a sharper understanding of computational thinking and scientific computing.

This workshop approaches real-world programs using Julia and covers these topics:

  • Applying data analysis and computational and mathematical modeling effectively
  • Using the Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL)—part of oneAPI—in Julia to achieve accelerated performance for vector, vector-matrix, and matrix-vector operations.
  • Discovering programming advantages of Julia when used with oneAPI

Julia, a high-level dynamic programming language, combines the speed of C/C++ with the ease of use of Python. According to Stack Overflow, Julia ranks as the fifth most loved programming language in the world—for good reason.

The open, multi-architecture and multi-vendor programming model, oneAPI, delivers hardware-specific software acceleration within a common developer experience. oneAPI powers many of the leading open-source programming languages and AI frameworks.

Learn Julia, the scientific language of choice

We have previously written about how advantageous Julia is with our very own Julia tutorials and examples that can help just about anyone get to grips with the Julia language. We’ve also highlighted what makes the language a great boon for all those wanting to perform scientific computing and some of the past events from the Julia community.

Feed your brain by attending this enlightening workshop.