Juniq – building a Quantum Computing facility at Julich Super Computing Facility

The German centre famous for super computing, Julich, is offering its services in the quest for quantum computing. It can provide both simulation on and of qubit systems of up to 48 qubits. On service is high performance computing for simulating the real-time dynamics of quantum computers up to 48 qubits.

The super computing centre is a famous among European super computing users. As the quest for quantum computing hots up, researchers need more and more access to computer resources to help design and simulate quantum computers.

Simulating Quantum Computers

Vast numbers of CPU’s are required to simulate Quantum computers. Hence only some facilities can be useful in the quest towards much larger quantum computers. On one machine, JUGENE, the team simulate a 42-qubit ideal quantum computer using 262,144 of its 294,912 CPUs. This is an incredible amount of compute power – increasing the number of qubits by just one doubles the number of CPU’s required to over half a million!

Running on Quantum Computers

Julich have out-reaches with a variety of Quantum Hardware creators including D-wave where they have shown Binary classification by Support Vector Machines (SVM), a supervised machine learning algorithm which has proved popular in the classic domain. Additionally Performance test of the IBM QX4 (5 qubits), IBM QX5 (16 qubits) and CAS-Alibaba (11 qubits) quantum processors by means of measurement of the singlet state have been performed.

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