IonQ started Research Credits Program to kick start the race for Quantum Platform Territory

In February, we happily announced the news about the formation of the first SPAC company in the Quantum sector, with the merger of IonQ and DMY Technology Group Inc. This merger marked a new era in the Quantum Computing sector and has placed IonQ as the first public Quantum computing company. Now IonQ has started offering a special Research credits program.

IonQ proudly announced that with the assistance of his cloud partners, is now offering grants of up to a 10.000$ to teams and individuals from qualified research institutions, this offer includes quantum compute time on the IonQ hardware. With the great potential of quantum computing, regarded as one of the most impactful techs of the 21st century, IonQ saw a chance to give individuals the ability to access this amazing technology.

Scientists and teachers are already busy with this new technology and they have started training the next generation of quantum computing engineers. IonQ said that they are happy to offer their support in this mission through this new credit program. And this offer is available for every graduate student from an accredited academic institution

Applications are accepted at any given time. To be considered for their program, your proposal needs to be submitted by June 15th. If you are interested in IonQ’s offer, please consider visiting this link to start your application process.

IonQ, is planning to hit the public market by way of a SPAC or SPAQ, which will make the Trapped Ion company the first pure play Quantum Computing Company on the public market.