Global Quantum Intelligence (GQI) created to support industry players better understand Quantum Computing Technology.

Quantum In Industry

Global Quantum Intelligence (GQI), a dedicated market and business intelligence firm rooted in quantum technology, has recently launched and is currently serving significant vendors and users, governments, and investors interested in gathering authoritative intelligence to guide business policy, and strategic decisions.

“We pride ourselves on delivering unbiased quantum tech business intelligence to our clients. We have been doing this individually, through various communication channels, and now, by joining forces, we can offer clients the most authoritative data driven insights to help them navigate through this complex market. Our clients will be able to understand how quantum can impact their businesses, investments or national strategies to achieve a greater level of success.”

Doug Finke, Chief Content Officer

The new organization brings together four well-known companies in the quantum industry, each with 22 years of experience: co-founders André König, Chief Executive Officer; Doug Finke, Chief Content Officer; David Shaw, Chief Analyst; and Terrill Frantz, Chief Product, and Technology Officer. The leadership team is based in the United States and the United Kingdom, with other experienced team members located in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

“The quantum space is notoriously difficult to navigate. Quantum technology R&D is highly dynamic; deep details matter and there is an ever-increasing volume of noise and obfuscation. Simply put, in the quantum industry, GQI are top professionals: they know exactly what they’re talking about, they know exactly what matters, and they don’t miss a beat. They will continue to be a pinnacle resource for quantum business and technology intelligence.”

Dr. Stephanie Simmons, Founder and Chief Quantum Officer at Photonic

The quantum industry’s entire market capitalization is anticipated to be $10 billion in 2021, with tens of billions of dollars in sales expected in the next years, despite the fact that real growth only began in the previous decade. While many organizations are keen to enter this expanding market, the GQI team has created 1,200 articles so far, over 30,000 data points, and a dedicated readership audience of over 17,000 people.

GQI offers its clients an annual membership to their intelligence portal with open access to all proprietary assets, data, and experts, as well as four product offerings: due diligence services for startups and investors, round tables to collaboratively explore thought leadership topics, quantum briefings, and advertising/branding opportunities.

GQI covers the complete taxonomy of quantum technology across all key locations, including the value and supply chain, systems, computers, sensing, communications, and cryptography.

“Our co-founders each have strong individual credentials, but we are taking this to a whole new
level by combining our expertise. Our keenly focused industry insights and business savvy are
unmatched,” said.

David Shaw, Chief Analyst