European Commission Grants €7M to QUARTER Consortium, led by LuxQuanta, for Quantum Cryptography Technologies.

European Commission Grants €7M To Quarter Consortium, Led By Luxquanta, For Quantum Cryptography Technologies.

LuxQuanta, a European company specializing in Quantum Cryptography, is leading the newly established QUARTER consortium that has raised over €7 million to increase the maturity and readiness of quantum cryptography technologies for deployment within the European Quantum Communication Infrastructure (EuroQCI) initiative. The DIGITAL Europe Programme has provided funding for the QUARTER consortium, which brings together an unprecedented cluster of specialized and experienced companies in the sector.

LuxQuanta, a spin-off from ICFO founded in May 2021, aims to integrate advanced and secure quantum cryptography technologies into conventional communication infrastructures. The company is dedicated to delivering easy-to-install Quantum Key Distribution solutions that meet the highest security requirements of governmental institutions, financial entities, data centers, and private telecommunication network providers.

With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to innovation, LuxQuanta is focused on shaping the future of quantum-secured communications while nurturing the development of a robust quantum ecosystem in Europe.

Advancing Quantum Key Distribution and Enabling Secure Quantum Communications

The QUARTER consortium, currently led by LuxQuanta, is primarily focused on increasing the maturity of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and its related technologies while establishing a clear roadmap for successful deployment. The consortium is committed to contributing to QKD’s certification framework through active participation in standardization groups, which will facilitate its integration into telecommunications products and services.

Furthermore, QUARTER will support the deployment of QKD within the EuroQCI initiative. Through these efforts, the consortium is dedicated to advancing the adoption of QKD and enabling secure quantum communications.

QUARTER Consortium’s Role in Advancing the EuroQCI initiative to Secure Quantum Communication Infrastructure in Europe.

The EuroQCI initiative aims to deploy a secure quantum communication infrastructure across the EU by 2027. Protecting network infrastructure is critical to prevent any malicious attacks and safeguard sensitive data. Within this context, the QUARTER consortium will be crucial in developing European technologies for this implementation and ensuring sovereignty in quantum communications and cryptography.

QUARTER’s efforts will advance state-of-the-art quantum communications, establishing the Union as an industry leader in Quantum Cryptography and providing protection for citizens and organizations.

“QUARTER is made up of some of the most innovative and powerful businesses and organisations within our industry, and this investment demonstrates the importance of quantum technology within cybersecurity. We are honoured to be leading the consortium in such a critical task of developing the technologies that will keep European networks secure.

Partnering with these specialist companies, we are truly excited to see what progress can be made over the next few years. The world is recognizing the need for quantum cryptography, and we must help it prepare for this new era of cybersecurity.”

Vanesa Diaz, CEO of LuxQuanta

The consortium comprises Telefonica, Thales, Tecnobit, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Fragmentix, Quside, Chilas, and LuxQuanta. Its primary objective is to ensure a significant advancement toward deploying a quantum-secure network for Europe. The consortium includes LuxQuanta, Quside, Chilas, and Fragmentix, renowned manufacturers in the field of quantum key distribution (QKD), quantum random number generators (QRNG), high-performance laser sources, and classical security solutions, respectively.

Additionally, the consortium is partnering with Telefonica, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Tecnobit, and Thales, distinguished and well-established leaders in quantum technologies, security solutions, and telecommunications in Europe.