Wipro and Tel Aviv University work together in Quantum research

Indian multinational corporation Wipro recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel. This act would bolster India-Israel relations and scientific collaboration. The MoU will focus on quantum science and technology.

TAU’s Centre for Quantum Science & Technology (QuanTAU) will have its faculty members work with Wipro and the corporation’s customers to analyze use cases and potential quantum computing applications for Wipro’s largest clients.

TAU researchers and scientists at Wipro will study and develop approaches for potential solutions before implementing them.

Both parties have high hopes this will bear much fruit

This is a direct continuation of the collaboration between the two parties on machine learning after funding support.

‘TAU sees great importance in strengthening its international collaborations, and the connection with Wipro, a great technological power from India, is certainly an important achievement for research in Israel. Wipro makes our science more relevant, offering our researchers real-world challenges and applications, which we can solve by using quantum algorithms.’

Professor Yaron Oz, Head of QuanTAU

‘TAU excels in multifaceted research of quantum science and technology, and we feel certain that it can help us a great deal in advancing the company’s projects and goals.’


Some of the areas that the researchers and scientists will work in are foundations of quantum theory, quantum information science, computing, nano-quantum technology, quantum optics, quantum devices, and super conductors.

‘Quantum mechanics, or quantum theory, was developed at the beginning of the 20th century, revolutionising the understanding of physical systems, and today we are in the midst of the so-called ‘second quantum revolution’, in which basic quantum concepts are applied to computers, simulation, sensors, communication and material science.’


Many great efforts around the world are racing to develop new quantum applications as part of the second quantum revolution, which involve establishing foundations to support quantum space theory experiments.

QuanTAU has 20 researchers working in the various quantum information science aspects to make this a reality.

About QuanTAU

The Centre for Quantum Science & Technology of Tel Aviv University’s goal is to support research in quantum mechanics, collaborate with international parties, and train students as future quantum scientists. It will also recruit new faculty and help them establish laboratories where they will work in.

About Wipro

Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Wipro is an Indian multinational corporation. It works in global information technology and business processes. Some scientific areas it is involved in are emerging technologies, analytics, and hyper-automation.