What will the new president do for science, industry and the future of Quantum Computing?

What Will The New President Do For Science, Industry And The Future Of Quantum Computing?

The heated presidential election of 2020 has had citizens on edge for weeks as pundits try to predict the outcome. Now the outcome is clear or not so clear that Joe Biden has won, we ask what will happen to the Quantum Industry.

During the campaigning, we saw what the prospect of a Biden win was doing for the some sectors such as green energy. This was lifting companies such as Tesla (perhaps the most famous electric car company), First Solar and even new entrants like Fisker. Quantum computing is somewhat more difficult to track because there are not many pure-play companies that are publicly listed. For investors in Quantum Computing there are fewer prospects, which are typically the tech giants from IBM to Amazon and Google. However because Quantum is just one element of their business and unwinding correlations between candidates and the sector is very tough.

We wrote a short while ago about which candidate might be best for the sector (Will Biden or Trump be a better bet for Quantum Computing), something not very easy to do, since we have only seen the actions of President Trump towards the Quantum sector which appears quite positive in backing the sector. Plus the very competitive stance towards China will have likely cemented the resolve to pour more money into American technology – especially when it comes down to national security. As you will no doubt be aware, Quantum computing has the capacity for ensuring more secure communications in addition to being able to potentially break classical encryption protocols on much of what the world relies on.

Biden has no notable track record in anything particularly relevant to Quantum. So voters who are interested in supporting the sector are somewhat in the dark. “Is is better the devil you know?” So to speak.

Jake Sullivan, a senior advisor to Biden, stated that Trump is ‘fixated on steel, coal and battleships, instead of quantum computing, AI (artificial intelligence) and biotechnology’. There is also a general feel in the stock market that a Biden win might be better for the typical tech companies and in part this could be due to easier recruitment of talent from abroad, something that Trump may not favour particularly highly.

Investing in Quantum Computing is not that easy to do, as there are not (any) pure play public companies such as there are with other sectors like EV’s or Green (Think TSLA, FSLR and FSR) for example. However if you do want to invest, you can invest with the tech giants such as Amazon, Google, IBM and even Honeywell (The Must Own American Quantum Computing stocks you can buy right now). We have also published an article on how to invest in Quantum Computing via publicly listed companies. Many companies in the Quantum space are private which means that placing investments is only for a few, namely Venture capitalists. But don’t let that put you off.

No matter who is in the Whitehouse, one thing we are sure of at QZ is that the Quantum sector will continue to grow. We see it, we see the data and we talk to many companies across the planet and for sure, Quantum will be one of the key sectors that drives US innovation over the next four years.