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The Must Own American Quantum Computing stocks you can buy right now

August 8, 2020

Investing in emerging technologies like Quantum Computing doesn’t have to be the preserve of institutional investors. Many technology companies are investing in Quantum Computing and this provides an entry point for many retail investors to get involved in the Quantum area.

Investing in US Listed Technology Companies

The following companies are all investing and researching in Quantum Computing. By investing with these companies you can gain exposure, albeit small exposure to their investments in the quantum field. The following companies are all involved in Quantum Computing in some way shape or form and its likely you have heard of them as many are household names – and you are likely to have interacted or bought their products. The below stocks should not been seen as exhaustive, but are some of the firm favourites in our portfolio that we have invested in.

Company NameMarket Cap ($) (August 2020)TickerQuantum Developments
IBM109 BillionIBMWorking for a number of years on fundamental hardware and software and was the first to release a cloud based Quantum Experience. Involved in the development of the open source Qiskit language.
Microsoft1544 BillionMSFTCreated a new language Q# and integrated with Visual Studio. Software only, but heavy push into tooling and integration with Hardware providers.
Google1046 Billion / 1050 BillionGOOG/GOOGLAnnounced quantum supremacy back in 2019. Actively involved in Quantum Hardware and Software development via the Open Souce Cirq language
Amazon1522 BillionAMZNAmazon has created a service which aims to be the AWS of the Quantum Sphere. The Braket service allows users to run quantum circuits on Rigetti or IonQ hardware.
Honeywell104 BillionHONHoneywell in the middle of 2020 announced the world most powerful Quantum Computer.
Intel204 BillionINTCIntel is working on building quantum hardware. Intel’s third-generation Tangle Lake quantum processors contain 49 superconducting qubits.
US Listed Technology companies involved in Quantum Computing


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