Uncle Bob Martin (Agile Manifesto) does not think we’ll see many Quantum Computers

One of the founders of the Agile manifesto shares his views on Quantum Computing. Bear in mind this is four years back and a lot has happened since then. Predictions are hard, but we do wonder whether in the light of Google’s quantum supremacy statement in 2019 and other Qubit developments, he has changed his mind.

If you want a fantastic summary of the history of programming and where it might be going in the future, then its great video that you can either watch or listen to. We have summarized some of his quotes below. His thoughts are certainly very interesting and echo some of the main criticisms of the nascent field of Quantum Computing,

“Please don’t talk to me about Quantum Computers”

Uncle Bob Martin in 2016

I don’t believe we are going to see be seeing an awful of Quantum Computers anytime soon.

Uncle Bob Martin in 2016

I’m not to excited about [Quantum Computing] until they start breaking codes.

Uncle Bob Martin in 2016

Predictions are hard. But Uncle Bob Martin has been an important voice in the development of software, so it is worth understanding his perspective. Needless to say we are pretty bullish on the prospects for Quantum Computing and we think you should be too.