TRUMPF Ventures invests in Quside, a Spanish Quantum Technology Startup.

Quantum Randomness Gets Funded

TRUMPF Venture is investing millions of euros in the Spanish firm Quside. The flagship product is a high-performance random number generator embedded in a photonic chip. It generates random number combinations very quickly (Gb/s) using the quantum mechanical principles of light. This allows for significant improvements in communication encryption.

The random number generator by Quside may also be utilized to run simulations like risk analysis in the finance sector or weather forecasts faster and with significantly less energy. The chip is compatible with standard semiconductor manufacturing (CMOS), making mass manufacture simple.

Quside is located in Castelldefels, near Barcelona, and employs approximately 30 employees. The firm, founded in 2018, has its initial customers in industries with vital security requirements, such as aerospace. In the future, the company intends to expand into the consumer market, using chips to improve the security of smartphones, tablets, and even vehicles.

Energy Efficient

The random number generator on Quside also allows faster and more energy-efficient simulation calculation. This means that traffic estimates, for example, can be calculated up to ten times faster. Energy usage is reduced by up to 20 times. Insurance companies, logistics companies, and pharmaceutical companies all use simulations of this type.

Industrial Demand

Quside’s device enables the encryption of messages that even the most powerful computational quantum computers cannot decrypt. There is already a high demand in industries where security is essential. In subsequent years, technology may play a more significant role in personal devices. The global market for random number generators is estimated to be worth between seven and ten billion euros in 2026, depending on the projection.

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