QN100, a Quantum entropy source for cybersecurity and computation by Quside

As we begin to shift towards quantum-safe cybersecurity and efficient randomized accelerated compute, Quside, a quantum computing company that focuses on developing and researching quantum technologies including quantum random number generators and other hardware solutions has launched a novel chip-based quantum entropy source technology for an ultrafast and high-quality random number generator, called the QN 100. A super software that will provide huge leverage to Quside’s customers.

Random numbers are the key points to cybersecurity protocols, of which, it is impossible to reach full cybersecurity without recognizing its use. Thus, Entropy sources are considered to be quite important as they serve as the foundation of these random numbers.

The QN 100 can generate random digits at a rate of more than 1 Gbps, enabling the company to deliver its new products in 2022 in a more compact and diverse form factor with improved performance.

Quside aims to supply the highest performing, scaling, and quality quantum-enhanced randomness sources to its OEM customers and partners, who embed them to deliver the strongest cybersecurity products for their global clients, through the launch of their QN 100 chip.

The hardware will focus not just on their cybersecurity solutions, but also on their new compute acceleration offerings for randomized workloads for optimization, simulation, and prediction in areas including banking, insurance, research, energy, and even pharmaceuticals.

The QN 100 chipset is manufactured in a pure-play foundry, allowing Quside to develop quantum entropy sources at scale and confidently deliver to its customers.

New post-quantum encryption and authentication standards will be issued this 2022, as well as large-scale investments in quantum communication infrastructures at the European (EuroQCI) and international levels.