Thousands of students join two week Qiskit summer school to learn Quantum programming

Qiskit Summer School

Qiskit, the guys and gals behind the very popular quantum computing language have just completed their first two week Qiskit summer school. The popular programme was over subscribed as students scrambled for limited lab space, although the course was open to pretty much all. The programme introduced quantum computing, qubits, quantum physics and how to build quantum circuits.

The program was a resounding success and illustrated the popularity of quantum computing and students joined the program from a variety of countries around the planet. Students got some take away homework (for the lab session) in programming with Qiskit (the open source quantum computing language).

The programme has now ended and the last session even introduced Quantum careers. With such IBM luminaries as Jay Gambetta, speaking on how the students might find work in the Quantum sector. For readers of QuantumZeitgeist, we have our own jobs and careers page where companies are advertising open positions in the Quantum community. If you are company you can add your open positions for zero cost.