The New Kids on the Block. 2^Q Ventures Focused only Quantum Computing and Technology Ecosystem

The New Kids On The Block. 2^Q Ventures Focused Only Quantum Computing And Technology Ecosystem

Quantum technology needs more dedicated venture partners. We introduce a dedicated UK based team that focuses squarely upon Quantum, which we think is increasingly going to be the case, because we think the skills required to understand the propositions require a special blend of experience and knowledge. Welcome to the ecosystem 2^Q! We love the name!

2^Q Ventures is a UK-based venture capital firm committed to technological growth in the UK. They invest in promising startups and technology-led businesses, most especially quantum technology. They’re fully committed to the growth of quantum computers in the UK and are open to opportunities in the field.

2^Q Ventures has a team of strong and experienced investors with connections in the government. They work strategically with the government to identify the best opportunities and businesses and fund them from start to commercialization and exit.  They are known for their experience both academically and as a venture capital firm.

As quantum computing continues to grow in Europe, 2^Q Ventures will be one of the largest investors in quantum computing in the region. They aim to be the most attractive capital providers for start-up companies in the UK quantum computing space.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • INVESTMENT TEAM: Strong investment track record and experience starting/supporting start-up technology led businesses.
  • QUANTUM EXPERTISE: Unrivalled industry, academic, and government network to identify and analyse the best opportunities and support portfolio companies through to commercialisation and exit.
  • FOCUSED STRATEGY: Entirely dedicated/focused on Quantum Computing hardware and software opportunities.
  • PORTFOLIO/ECO-SYSTEM APPROACH: The Fund will spread small investments across multiple technologies and verticals, as long-term winners are yet to emerge.
  • FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE: We will be the largest investor in Quantum Computing in the UK / Europe, ideally positioned to support and benefit from the exponential growth of the sector.

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