Rigetti Computing Announces Changes in Leadership Management, Chad Rigetti steps down as CEO to focus on product

Rigetti Computing Announces Changes In Leadership Management, Chad Rigetti Steps Down As Ceo To Focus On Product

The company behind hybrid quantum-classical computing, Rigetti Computing, Inc. (“Rigetti” or the “Company”), announced today that Dr. Chad Rigetti, the company’s founder, will step down as president and chief executive officer to concentrate on developing the company’s products and technology. The Company will conduct a CEO search to find Dr. Rigetti’s replacement as part of this next stage of expansion, and Dr. Rigetti will stay in his current position until a replacement is found and takes over.

Chad is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of quantum computers. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in bringing Rigetti to where we are today. He has built a talented and highly capable team with strong and deep technical expertise to drive our business and technology. We thank Chad for his leadership and continued contributions to the Company going forward.

Cathy McCarthy, Chair of the Company’s board of directors

Rigetti is a full-stack quantum computing pioneer, founded by Chad Rigetti in 2013, the quantum computing company now has offices in the U.S., UK, and Australia, with over 190 individuals. Since 2017, the company has been running quantum computers in the cloud, and its Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services platform serves global enterprise, government, and research clients. For high-performance practical quantum computing, the company’s patented quantum-classical architecture offers high-performance integration with public and private clouds. For scalable quantum computing systems, Rigetti has created the first multi-chip quantum processor in the industry. In-house chip design and production are handled by the company at Fab-1, the first integrated and dedicated manufacturing facility for quantum devices. Rigetti holds more than 150 issued and pending patents.

I’m incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our team over the past 9+ years. We’ve built the first dedicated quantum fab, brought some of the very first quantum computers to the market, and developed a strong and differentiated technology position. I believe the combination of our multi-chip superconducting processors delivered in our hybrid quantum-classical computing model can become the standard in quantum computing. I’m looking forward to continuing to advance our goal of delivering quantum advantage to customers in industries like finance, logistics, and national security.

Chad Rigetti

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