QUBEC from Qu&Co is the first quantum computational platform specifically tailored for chemistry and materials science

Qu&Co releases QUBEC, the first quantum computational platform specifically designed for chemistry and materials science. Drug development, Chemistry and Materials development has proved to be a use-case for Quantum Computing.

Although current day quantum processors are not yet capable of outperforming conventional computers for chemical simulations, Qu&Co is now offering a glimpse of what the future of quantum chemistry simulations will look like.

dr. Vincent Elfving, CTO at Qu&Co

QUBEC Quantum Platform

QUBEC is a tool that contains the most up to date algorithms (both proprietary and open-source). There is integration that allows QUBEC to connect to the IBM Quantum Experience and Amazon Braket platforms, allowing flexibility as to the actual quantum computer the algorithm actually runs on. The aim of QUBEC is to able to allow a great deal of automation permitting a corporate researcher to be able to run simulations without advanced training in quantum computing. One of the world’s most well known simulation companies Schrödinger Inc. is working with QU&CO. The collaboration with Schrödinger’s focus is the use of quantum algorithms on complex chemical systems using quantum computing hardware.

“Our aim is that a corporate researcher can obtain good results from our solutions with only a minimal amount of training in quantum computing.” 


About Qu & Co
Qu&Co is a European quantum computational software company founded in 2017 in Amsterdam. The focus is to produce software that enables corporate researchers to run complex chemistry and multi-physics simulations on future quantum processors with unprecedented accuracy and speed using a SaaS platform. Clients are typically corporate researchers from large multinationals. Check out the offering from Qu & Co.