Quantum Technology now included in Novo Nordisk Foundation Grants.

Quantum Technology Grants

The Novo Nordisk Foundation, a Danish foundation, has broadened the scope of its Distinguished Innovator Grants and Pioneer Innovator Grants to cover areas in sustainability research, which now includes the area of Quantum Technology. The awards in both areas are intended to speed the commercialization of research findings and the development of breakthrough technologies.

Novo Nordisk Foundation aims to create a strong foundation for the commercial and research activities of the Novo Group’s firms (Novo Nordisk A/S and Novozymes A/S), as well as to support scientific, humanitarian, and social causes.

Quantum Technology Now Included

On top of other grants, the recent expansion of Novo Nordisk Foundation grants will now fund research projects and innovations in quantum technologies. The goal of expansion is to encourage the examination of concepts that may lead to developing new goods or systems, gadgets, and technical platforms, driving the industry with more advanced technologies and innovative projects throughout the next few years.

”We are pleased to expand our Pioneer and Distinguished Innovator Grants to cover both sustainability and health in alignment with the new Novo Nordisk Foundation strategy, and we look forward to receiving innovative applications in both areas,”

Mikkel Skovborg, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Distinguished Innovator Grants

The Distinguished Innovator Grants encourage examining concepts and funding experiments and activities that lead to proof of concept or beyond. The awards are intended to support the main applicant’s role as an advocate for innovation inside academia, driving cultural change and serving as a role model for turning basic research into innovation. With funding up to DKK 6 million per grant for 3 years, available for senior faculty members or researchers with proven track records in innovation in Nordics (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland).

The Pioneer Innovator Grants seek to support novel academic and science-based discoveries with commercial potential. The aim is to stimulate the investigation of ideas and to support experiments and activities leading to proof of concept or beyond.

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