Quantum program from University of Waterloo for high school students gets a new name, gears up for hybrid learning

Quantum Computing is one of the hottest topics for students to learn other than Machine Learning. Never too early to start the programme at the Institute for Quantum Computing’s based at the University of Waterloo. The program gets a reboot.

There are new changes coming to the Institute for Quantum Computing’s (IQC) outreach program aimed at high school students next summer. The unique enrichment program previously known as the Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students (QCSYS) that was held over nine days in August will expand to two weeks of programming offered through a mix of both virtual and in-person learning in July, moving forward as the Quantum School for Young Students (QSYS)

Like learning to code a classical computer, early is best and the program from Waterloo is aimed at teaching high school students quantum computing.

The new revised program name reflects how the curriculum has evolved since its inception back in 2008. Now, in addition to exploring quantum mechanics and quantum cryptography, QSYS also offers high school students the chance to learn about quantum technology and the fundamentals of quantum physics and computing through interactive lectures, group problem solving and hands-on learning in the lab. 

QSYS is also gearing up for a blend of virtual and on-campus programming. Students can apply to both QSYS Virtual (July 11-15) and On-Campus (July 25-19), or to QSYS Virtual only. There is no cost to attend either program and travel bursaries are available for participants travelling to QSYS On-Campus.  

“The Quantum School for Young Students is a great way for high school students to get involved and see what the science and math behind quantum physics is like,”

John Donohue, Senior Manager, Scientific Outreach at IQC

Over the past 13 years, IQC has welcomed more than 815 students from over 46 countries for this summer program, and now QSYS continues to educate and inspire young students to explore the quantum realm. John Donohue, Senior Manager, Scientific Outreach at IQC and program director for QSYS. “We’re really looking forward to meeting students both online and in-person next year.”  

QSYS 2022 applications are now open.