Quantum Machines buys QDevil to strengthen Full Stack Offering

Quantum Machines Buys Qdevil To Strengthen Full Stack Offering

Quantum Machines Acquires QDevil to Provide Full-Stack Orchestration Platform

QM fortifying its position as the leading provider of quantum control hardware and software

Quantum Machines, the Tel Aviv based Quantum Company is rounding out its offering with the acquisition of QDevil, a Danish company specialising in developing and manufacturing auxiliary electronics and specialised components. Quantum Machines (QM) is a leader in universal quantum cloud infrastructure.

Quantum Machines will continue to utilize the talent and expertise in quantum electronics embedded within QDevil which will bolster the company’s Auxiliary Electronics Division. The business will also integrate the company’s products for cryogenic technology-enhanced qubit performance into the existing QOP (Quantum Orchestration Project) giving users better and improved control solutions with improved performance.

Founded in 2018, QM has been selling and providing control and operational systems that are deployed across research and industry. Developing and rolling out a number of products such as its Quantum Orchestration Policy and PPU’s (Pulse Processing Units). It has also developed a universal programming language named QUA.

“We’re very excited to add the QDevil team to the Quantum Machines family,” “The addition of their unique expertise in auxiliary electronics and quantum hardware is a natural fit with our team, and will help us continue to accelerate the realization of useful quantum computers that are disruptive and ubiquitous across all industries.”

Dr. Itamar Sivan, Co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines.

QDevil is an international quantum technology company focused on developing and manufacturing auxiliary electronics and specialized components which are critical for the operation of QPUs, operating from mK to room temperature. QDevil has the aim of enhancing the science in quantum electronics labs, by enabling scientists to focus their effort on the science, instead of constructing auxiliary equipment that already has been developed in other labs.

“QDevil is one of the premier providers of electronics for quantum computing,” “We’re delighted to join up with Quantum Machines, a company whose mission and goals align so perfectly with our own. Together we will continue to further develop the quantum community in Denmark and deliver revolutionary technologies that will make it seamless for companies developing quantum computers to realize the potential of their QPUs.”

Dr. Jonatan Kutchinsky, CEO of QDevil.

Quantum Machines is a Tel Aviv based company that is unlocking a new era in quantum computing. Quantum Machines envisions a new technological age. A time when quantum computing revolutionizes entire industries, solves global problems, and drives unprecedented innovation.

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