Quantum Devices…that simply aren’t?

Quantum can be an over-used term. Here at QZ it applied chiefly to the field of quantum science which is an established science with repeatable observations. Sure it is a theory but that doesn’t mean anything can get a Quantum label as some product makers think. Buzz terms are all part of the marketing patter for some companies and their products which have nothing at all to do with quantum technologies and more as way to sell products which have dubious properties.

The BBC has a great article on devices which are sold for around $400 which claim to use Quantum technology to protect people from 5G transmissions. You can read more about the BBC’s findings when they take one of these devices apart…which appears to resemble a 128MB USB stick. The makers claim otherwise.

We’ll leave it to you to decide such a device can work. But you know what we think…

BBC article on Quantum USB stick that aims to reduce 5G.