Quantum Computing makes MIT’s top ten Breakthrough Technologies in 2020

Quantum Computing makes the list for 2020 and we are pleasantly happy to see it represented at position seven (although order is likely not important) in the form of Quantum Supremacy – which Google claimed last year in 2019.

Key Players in Quantum Industry according to MIT

MIT mentions the following top players in the Quantum Industry. A few of these companies have featured in our Quantum Companies of the day. But we have profiles on over 130 Quantum companies at Quantum Zeitgeist and an interactive map also. MIT also place a timeline of 5-10 years for something “available” – although such machines are actually available right now, but there are however questions over their limitations for solving real-world problems, although D-wave have announced their new Leap 2 service that will aim to enable those real-world applications and open the gates to everyone to experience some FREE quantum computing time.

Machines that can crack today’s cryptography will require millions of qubits; it will probably take decades to get there. But one that can model molecules should be easier to build

MIT TEchnology review 2020 top ten Breakthrough Technologies

Plenty of the Quantum computing revolution has emerged from MIT over the years. Seth Lloyd is one of the luminaries of the field. Seth Lloyd (MIT), Orlando (MIT) and Kaminsky (MIT) created the theoretical design of a superconducting adiabatic quantum computer on which the D-wave System is based. Add to this Peter Shor (famous for Shor’s algorithm) whose algorithm has set the world ablaze with concerns about cracking our current cryptographic protocols, which threaten to overturn everything from the way we communicate online and bank in addition to the headline grabbing click-bait about breaking the blockchain.

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