NSA to launch First-Ever Qubit Collaboratory

The National Security Agency’s (NSA) Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS) is launching the LPS Qubit Collaboratory (LQC) in partnership with the Army Research Office (ARO).

The term collaboratory is named as a “center without walls” in which the nation’s researchers can perform their research without regard to physical location which is very ideal given the world shut down due to covid 19 which continues to hamper the world’s progress.

The LQC will combine collaborative research across the country and research experiences at LPS to understand the limits of quantum information technology

NSA Acting Research Director Dr. Mark Segal

The LQC will build on LPS’s longstanding relationships with the public and private sectors to support an emerging quantum workforce. According to Dr. Laurie Locascio, Vice President of Research at the University of Maryland-College Park, as past collaborator for the last 60 years.

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