New version of Quantum Framework Cirq 1.1 to include new qubit routing algorithms

New Version Of Quantum Framework Cirq 1.1 To Include New Qubit Routing Algorithms

This new release of Cirq v1.1, a software library for quantum computing supported by Google, focuses on improving the performance of critical workflows such as circuit construction and parameter resolution. It also introduces a new transformer framework for qubit routing and efficiently implements a qubit routing algorithm. The release includes updates to support multi-qubit measurements in the deferred measurement transformer, changes to avoid warnings on complex-to-float conversion, and the addition of new features such as Observables and PauliStrings. In addition, the release includes various bug fixes and improvements to the documentation and code.

Here is a selection of highlights:

  • The addition of a transformers framework for qubit routing, which includes a new qubit routing algorithm and several new top-level objects in the cirq-core module, including RoutingSwapTag, AbstractInitialMapper, HardCodedInitialMapper, LineInitialMapper, MappingManager, RouteCQC, and routed_circuit_with_mapping.
  • Support for multi-qubit measurements in the deferred measurement transformer.
  • Changes to avoid warnings on complex-to-float conversion.
  • The addition of Observables and PauliStrings.
  • Improvements to the documentation, including updates to the getting started tutorial and the addition of QVM pages.
  • Various bug fixes and code improvements, including adding the {Frozen}Circuit.from_moments method to construct circuits using moments, changes to the mapping manager to use the Floyd Warshall algorithm, and improvements to the unit testing for routed circuits.

Go and check out the new release of Cirq 1.1