Israel moves national Quantum Computing forward with a $30 million funding push

Israel Moves National Quantum Computing Forward With A $30 Million Funding Push

The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) has announced the creation of a consortium focused on developing quantum computing technologies in Israel. This consortium will have a budget of approximately $32.5 million and will operate for three years. The consortium will focus on two specific quantum processor technologies: trapped ions and superconductors, which are currently some of the field’s most advanced and mature technologies. The consortium will prioritize the development of quantum processors, system building blocks, coherent control tools, noise characterization and reduction software, and a fully automated software environment. These technologies will be used to advance quantum software and hardware development.

The state will invest NIS 115 million (Israeli Shekels) in a scientific technology association that is supposed to simultaneously promote two quantum technologies – trapped ions and superconductors according to tech12. A consortium will be made up of five Israeli tech companies: Elta Division of the Aerospace Industry, Quantum Art, Classiq, Kadama, and Raphael. The project will also receive support from leading academic groups from various research institutions, including the Hebrew University, the Weizmann Institute, Bar Ilan University, the Technion, and Soroka Hospital. The goal of the consortium is to build a “blue and white” national quantum computer.