Fujitsu Builds World’s Fastest Quantum Simulator….. Further Collaborates With Fujifilm For Joint Research Activities

Achieving new levels of quantum processing capability is critical to developing machines that can solve complex problems where conventional computers are insufficient. This brings us to the constant improvement and developments in the quantum field. To further improve quantum computing abilities, Japanese multinational information and communications technology company Fujitsu has announced its success in developing the world’s fastest quantum simulator.

This development is a major breakthrough in the Japanese quantum computing ecosystem and has opened the floor for collaboration between Fujitsu and Fujifilm to conduct joint research on the applications of quantum computing in material science. The new quantum simulator is capable of handling 36 qubit quantum circuits and can execute the quantum simulation software Qulac which was developed by Osaka University and QunaSys Corporation. The simulator features FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX 700″ (“PRIMEHPC FX 700”) and has the same A64FX CPU as the world’s fastest supercomputer Fugaku.

“We stand now at the edge of a new age in computing technology. Fujitsu has successfully developed the world’s fastest quantum simulator by applying its world-leading expertise in computing technologies cultivated over many decades’ most recently we put this knowledge to use to work with RIKEN to design the supercomputer Fugaku, which has remained the world’s fastest for the past two years. Moving forward, we aim to leverage this new quantum simulator for our customers to accelerate the development of quantum applications and ultimately contribute to a sustainable world by solving a range of issues facing society.”

Vivek Mahajan, Corporate Executive Officer, CTO, Fujitsu Limited.

The joint research between Fujitsu and Fujifilm will be for one year (1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023), with Fujitsu providing its quantum simulator and making analysis of calculation results and examination of improvement methods. On the other hand, Fujifilm will be responsible for the Implementation of quantum chemical calculations, analysis of calculation results and examination of improvement methods. The research aims to examine and evaluate quantum computing specific algorithms in chemical reactions of molecules for the utilization of quantum computing in computational chemistry.

Conclusively, Fujitsu is further working to develop a more advanced quantum simulator by September 2022. The proposed quantum simulator will have the capacity of handling 40 qubits and will be used to improve developments and explore new applications in finance and drug discovery.

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