Explore the Mind Blowing World of Quantum Physics with these Amazing Animations

Quantum Physics can be hard for anyone to understand and any tools that can elucidate the difficulties of the complex quantum world are welcome. We report on an amazing series of seriously cool Quantum Animations exploring a variety of physics phenomena such as the Double Split experiments, particle spin, and even entanglement.

A fantastic learning tool

Getting across tough topics is never easy and many researchers, teachers and lecturers will be pleased to see amazingly well made animations that can be used for teaching. In addition to each animation there is an explanation text that goes with it, making these animations an amazingly fun, but also educational tool.

The animations are all in full 3D, beautifully recreated under the supervision of Chris Dewdney, who as a PhD student revived Bohm’s work and brought it to the attention of his peers at Birkbeck College London.

Chris Dewdney’s Animations of Entanglement in 3D

To see the full suite of animations, you can go to the site Infinite Potential, which explores of the concepts of David Bohm, one of the forefathers of Quantum Physics. There are five animations for you explore. Enjoy.