Accelerating Research and Innovation: CESGA Collaborates with Fujitsu and Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) on Quantum Computing Technologies

Accelerating Research And Innovation: Cesga Collaborates With Fujitsu And Oxford Quantum Circuits (Oqc) On Quantum Computing Technologies

CESGA, a research organization in Spain, is in the process of installing the latest quantum computer from Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC). This new quantum computer will be integrated with Fujitsu‘s high-performance computing infrastructure, which will enable advanced computing capabilities for both researchers and businesses throughout Spain. By making this technology available to a wider audience, CESGA is paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in research and business innovation throughout Spain.

CESGA is a non-profit public foundation that has been providing advanced services to research and innovation groups since 1993. The center’s board of trustees includes representatives from the regional government, Xunta de Galicia, and the Spanish National Research Council.

The mission of CESGA is to advance science and technical knowledge through research and the application of high-performance computing and communication, as well as other information technology resources, in collaboration with other institutions for the benefit of society.

In pursuit of advancing joint research using quantum computing technologies and promoting the development of the quantum industry, CESGA and Fujitsu have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the establishment of a quantum knowledge center in Galicia, Spain. The decision to commence its quantum journey and establish an international quantum technology hub in Galicia, alongside OQC, marks a significant moment for the region, which has made strategic investments in quantum technology.

Operations are set to commence in mid-September 2023. As part of this initiative, CESGA will install one of the world’s most powerful quantum computers developed by OQC. This installation marks a significant milestone in the field of quantum technology, demonstrating continued progress in this rapidly evolving industry.

“Our vision is to enable a more reliable and seamless approach towards quantum computing. This marks another significant milestone for OQC as we continue to bring our leading quantum capabilities to the world. The technology has the power to enable truly life changing discoveries and we are pleased to work with CESGA and Fujitsu on its journey towards the future of compute.”

Dr. Ilana Wisby, CEO at Oxford Quantum Circuits

“This collaboration with Fujitsu and OQC will be key for Galicia to boost its already relevant production of new developments and research, both in quantum hardware and software in the coming years, helping us to establish our research groups in a world-class leading position, and allowing them to shape the future of quantum computing.”

Lois Orosa, Managing Director at CESGA

Accelerating Research, Attracting Talent, and Addressing Global Societal Challenges

To accelerate quantum learning, Fujitsu and CESGA will collaborate closely with Galician universities and researchers from the Spanish National Research Council. The aim is to promote the development and research of quantum technologies, create new knowledge in this field, attract talent and investment to Galicia, and utilize quantum technologies to address global societal challenges.

“We are excited to cooperate with CESGA at the new Quantum Knowledge Center to drive the development of technology research and industrial applications in Europe, and contribute to job creation and human resource development in the quantum industry.”

Fujitsu Limited SEVP CTO & CPO, Vivek Mahajan

The establishment of this quantum knowledge center will enable researchers across Spain to access cutting-edge quantum computing technology, thus expanding the potential for scientific discoveries and technological advancements. Overall, this MoU signifies a significant step forward in the field of quantum technology and the potential for its application to solve real-world problems.

The integration of these technologies will provide a powerful platform for conducting complex computations and simulations, allowing organizations to solve complex problems that were previously impossible to tackle with traditional computing methods.

Demonstrating Real-World Applications of Quantum Technologies with Galician Companies

As part of their new collaboration, CESGA will integrate OQC’s leading 32 qubit quantum computer with Fujitsu’s 34 qubit quantum computer simulator on the FX 700 and other advanced computing infrastructure, including the “FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY” and “FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX700” equipped with A64FX CPU, used in the supercomputer “Fugaku“.

Fujitsu, as CESGA’s technology partner, will provide their expertise in quantum computing, acquired through their ongoing development of innovative hardware and software technologies. The partnership will initiate three real-world use cases with high-profile Galician companies, demonstrating the potential and practical benefits of quantum and quantum-related technologies using Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer.

With the undeniable evolution of quantum technologies, the partnership with Fujitsu has been selected to deliver the world-leading technology required to support this initiative. The combined expertise and resources provided by the partners will enable the creation of knowledge, attraction of talent, and secure future investment for the region.

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