5 Coursera Quantum Computing Courses to help you learn a whole new industry

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The buzz around quantum computing continues and quantum computing could inspire a whole new generation of engineers, scientists, programmers to build the technology of the future. We outline some courses that can help you learn the fundamentals and the background to quantum computing.

Introduction to Quantum Computing (Coursera)

The five-week course will take you from the basics to Shor’s algorithm which is often considered the holy grail of quantum computing – the ability to factorize large numbers more quickly than classical methods. Potentially overturning the world of cryptography could mean that our security systems are at risk. Shor perhaps set many on the road to understand quantum computing and what it can do. However it is not the only algorithm in town covered here, you’ll also see Grover’s algorithm taught.

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Exploring Quantum Physics (Coursera)

Quantum Computing runs off Quantum Physics. One of the best ways to learn about where the fundamentals come from is to learn quantum physics. Although not explicitly necessary to understand some of the self-contained Quantum Computing courses getting a grounding in physics is never wasted.

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Matrix Methods (Coursera)

Linear algebra underpins much of quantum computing. Matrix Methods will help you get to grips with the hands on Matrix computations that are required for quantum computing and much of machine learning. Learn concepts such as Singular Value Decomposition that plays a fundamental role in dimension reduction, Principal Component Analysis and other techniques.

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Physical Basics of Quantum Computing (Coursera)

The Program covers the basics of the qubit and how these are implemented in reality. It also covers the Bloch sphere, density matrices, qubit systems. You’ll move onto more advanced topics such as EPR and Bell states, followed by Algorithms such as the Deutsch algorithm. Deutsch–Jozsa algorithm. Quantum Fourier Transform. Eigenvalue algorithm. Shor’s algorithm for integer factorization. You’ll also look at Basics of error correction theory, distinctive features of classical error correction theory.

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Quantum Mechanics (Coursera)

Understand the basics of the quantum revolution. With a good math background, you can understand some of the fundamentals of quantum computing. Using a postulatory approach the Schrodinger wave equation is derived and simple solutions are obtained that illustrate atomic and molecular structural behaviour.

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More Quantum Courses

We have written extensively on quantum education and courses and there are always new courses and material coming online. Do check out further articles from QZ on Quantum Computing courses from providers such as Brilliant and EdX.