Volkswagen present at Qubits 2020 on how they aim to use Quantum Computing in their paint shop

Volkswagen built an algorithm built on AWS that used QPU’s from D-wave. The project was called Quantum Shuttle and was done at last years 2019 WebSummit conference in Lisbon. This was the first time a real-time service utilized a quantum processor. Here VW talk about using Quantum Computing to optimize the painting of their vehicles.

VW are using Quantum Computing in optimization for route planning and potentially in their paint shop

VW employ Quantum Computing to explore how they can minimize the number of base coat swaps when painting cars. It is sub-optimal to keep changing the color depending on the car coming through the production line so VW are looking for effective ways to optimize their change of base colours (rather like an undercoat). Follow the programme and D-wave at qubits.