The Global Consciousnesses Project: Quantum and You.

The Global Consciousnesses Project or GCP for short is a project that aims to explore how humans consciousness can interact in a measurable way. You’d be forgiven for thinking this sounds all a little kooky, but this is a research project initially undertaken at Princeton University over the last two decades.

What does the GCP explore?

A series of RNG (Random Number Generators) based on a quantum tunneling effect are monitored around the globe. In a nutshell the researchers look at correlations between these “random” streams of data.

What they have studied over a number of years is the small correlations in these globally scattered RNG’s and how they relate to world events that typically involve lots of people. Basically the more people and the more emotive the subject or event such as 9/11 the more profound the effect is likely to be.

What does this all mean?

The research has thrown up some interesting findings, and the method employed have been checked with numerous contributors. However one issue remains is that no formal hypothesis can be formed ahead of time. Events must be classed as to whether they are likely to have had an impact on the data series.

The book Connected describes the decades long research into global consciousness using quantum tunneling.

Could shared emotions have an impact on the quantum space? Basically the results suggest that shared emotions can impact whether a device registers a 0 or 1. The book doesn’t offer any definite mechanisms behind the interactions – that is not understood, but there are some interesting putative but as yet non substantiated ways.

Interestingly many researchers such as Roger Penrose have linked the Quantum world with consciousness – suggesting that there may be a quantum effect that gives consciousness its special qualities while many scientists say that the quantum domain has no impact on consciousness.

Another aspect to further link the Quantum world and consciousness is the observer effect where the interpretation of the state derives from collapsing a wave function upon observation – again many people have interchanged viewing or observing with a consciousness interaction.

A recent look into the effect from the Corona Virus pandemic
A recent look into the effect from the Corona Virus pandemic by the GCP

How do I find out more?

Obviously the book which has lots of information summarised about the methods involved and the technique. But if you don’t want to read the book there is a website with the methods and the data that you can see – along with all the RNG’s from around the planet.

The Global Consciousness Project, created originally in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab at Princeton University, is now directed by Roger Nelson from his home office in Princeton.