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Business Books (Bezonomics)

In addition to our reviews on Quantum Computing that include Quantum Books, we also read a lot of science and Business books. As we see so many Quantum Start-ups enter the field, we thought we would include some of our best business books that we have enjoyed that you many also like and gain value from – even if you are not creating your own Quantum Business Venture.

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Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction Review

Published by MIT press and relatively inexpensive for a textbook coming in at just under $30 the book by Rieffel and Polak is a fully fledged Quantum Computing textbook. It might not be as common or as popular as Mike and Ike (The Quantum Bible) but I think it represents extremely good value for money for those wanting a little more detail but not so much detail it is over-whelming.

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Quantum Books

Quantum Computing Books

Want to find more about doing Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning? There are some fantastic books that can you understand more about the quantum world and quantum computing. Here we will highlight some of those canonical works and other assets around the internet where you can better your understanding. Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction […]

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