Revolutionizing the European Quantum Startup Ecosystem: The Unifying Vision of Infinity

Revolutionizing The European Quantum Startup Ecosystem: The Unifying Vision Of Infinity

Supported by Quantum Delta NL (QDNL), an organization dedicated to enhancing and expanding the quantum ecosystem in the Netherlands, the QDNL Participations fund has introduced a program known as Infinity, which is intended to aid nascent quantum technology entrepreneurs from academic backgrounds in navigating the process of university spin-outs and securing their initial funding round. Infinity offers access to a network of over 800 deep tech investors around the globe.

Infinity is a comprehensive support system that creates an environment where Dutch quantum startups can flourish. This program offers a customized approach that empowers startups without indulging them. Instead, Infinity provides a rolling onboarding process throughout the year, allowing startups to join at any time without the constraints of a fixed cohort.

With access to 80% of the deep tech network, Infinity connects startups with an extensive and diverse pool of resources to aid them in their growth. The program begins by carefully selecting and onboarding prospective talent interested in joining.

Establishing relationships between founders and investors in a natural, non-intrusive manner, avoiding any pressure to pitch through customized introductions and practical engagements, Infinity offers startups hand-picked chances to connect with the Infinity network.

Revolutionizing the Venture Process: The Innovative Approach of Infinity Program.

The program is focused on identifying and investing in startups at any stage of development, from pre-incorporation to Series B and all intermediate stages. As a starting point for scientists and entrepreneurs, Infinity provides inspiration and support to enable researchers to become entrepreneurs while maintaining control over key aspects of their startups.

The Infinity program takes a unique approach to the traditional venture process using reverse engineering. Unlike most conventional players, who often guide startups through an extended, 12-18 month-long hand-holding process, Infinity has streamlined the process to expedite success.

The program achieves this by providing education and resources to founders, allowing them to develop essential skills and knowledge required to sustain their businesses independently. In doing so, Infinity reduces the time and resources required to achieve success by half, making it an efficient and effective option for Dutch quantum startups.

Infinity Program: Driving Rapid Growth and Success of Dutch Quantum Startups

Since the inception of the Infinity program, the number of quantum startups incorporated in the Netherlands has experienced a significant surge, increasing by more than double. This development is a testament to the effectiveness of the Infinity program, which has been instrumental in facilitating the growth and success of Dutch quantum startups.

The success of this program is exemplified by the achievements of its earliest graduates, such as QphoX, a researcher-led quantum startup that was fully funded and ready for growth in record time. This remarkable achievement was made possible through the comprehensive resources and support offered by the Infinity program. QphoX’s success is further exemplified by its major accomplishments, which include a successful fundraising campaign that raised €2M upon its initial launch.

This achievement is a testament to the effectiveness of Infinity’s approach in providing the necessary resources and guidance to Dutch quantum startups. Furthermore, QphoX has established itself as a sustainable and future-proof organization, with substantial capital resources to support its vision and product development. These significant achievements have been recognized by the European Innovation Council, which awarded QphoX €6.5M in non-dilutive funding in 2021. QphoX’s success is a testament to Infinity’s valuable support and resources, making it a highly effective option for Dutch quantum startups.

Other Dutch Quantum Startups include Quantware, Q*Bird, and Fermioniq. These companies raised significant amounts of funding at record speeds during the pre-incorporation stage, owing to the comprehensive resources and support offered by the Infinity program. As such, the Infinity Loop has proven to be a precious resource for quantum startups in the Netherlands, enabling them to gain traction and achieve rapid growth.

Infinity’s Comprehensive Database and Dashboard for Startups, Researchers, and Investors.

Infinity has developed a top-tier Quantum ecosystem overview and a comprehensive database of companies operating within the industry. The goal is to facilitate the connection between science and venture and support the growth of the European quantum ecosystem.

Through the Infinity dashboard, they will provide a one-stop-shop for accessing the latest and most promising startups and investors in the quantum space. Whether you are a researcher, a startup needing funding, or an investor seeking the next big breakthrough, Infinity offers a comprehensive solution to meet your needs.

Infinity Welcomes a Diverse Range of Quantum Startups

The Infinity program is open to various quantum startups. If you already have an existing startup in the field of quantum technology and you are ready to scale up, we welcome your application. Additionally, if you are in the process of setting up a company in quantum technology and have questions regarding fundraising, scenario planning, investor discovery, and market potential, we are here to help.

Lastly, if you have a venture with the potential of having a Dutch limited company, we encourage you to apply to the Infinity program. We welcome all startups looking to grow and succeed in the quantum industry.

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