Q-CTRL and Quantum Machines Join forces to accelerate Quantum Computing

Q-Ctrl And Quantum Machines Join Forces To Accelerate Quantum Computing

Two leading Quantum technology companies have joined forces wirh a global partnership to further their continued development of quantum computing technology. Q-CTRL which specializes in utilizing control systems and Quantum Machines, which develops their Quantum Orchestration platform to work across multiple qubit technologies.

The move will see the integration of Q-CTRL’s “quantum firmware” into the Quantum Orchestration hardware of Quantum Machines. The two companies naturally will cement and multiply the advantages of each business.

“While qubit numbers have been a key measure of progress in the industry, R&D professionals know that error reduction is just as important in unlocking the true potential of quantum computers,”

Michael J. Biercuk, founder and CEO of Q-CTRL

About Q-CTRL

Q-CTRL is aiming to solve the noise problem which plagues the field of quantum computing. Focuses on reducing environment noise with a set of tooling that improves efficiency with its quantum firmware, leading to orders of magnitude improvement.

About Quantum Machines

Quantum Machines builds a Quantum Orchestration Platform, a full stack quantum later that enables a smart approach to controlling and operating quantum processors with its own language: QUA.