Penny Lane Platform from Xanadu is two years old

It is only coming up to four years ago that IBM enabled users to run their Quantum Experiments in the cloud. How things move so quickly. Xanadu a quantum start-up celebrates the second anniversary of its quantum platform named Penny Lane.

Over the last few years Penny Lane has proved to be one of the most popular platforms for Quantum Machine Learning that allows users to build Machine Learning solutions with ease and just a couple of lines.

As researchers and businesses are getting excited by NISQ devices and hybrid computing (classical and quantum computing) there is a fight for users to each platform. Penny Lane sells itself as the Tensorflow of the Quantum Machine Learning world. Quantum circuits can be set up to interface with either NumPy, PyTorch, or TensorFlow, allowing hybrid CPU-GPU-QPU computations.

Interestingly Penny Lane has plug ins that enable you to work with their own Strawberry Fields plugins or other framework and services such as Qiskit and IBM Q, Google Cirq, Rigetti Forest, Microsoft Quantum Development Kit.

You can read more about Xanadu here.