NVIDIA and ARM to build World-Class AI Research Center in Cambridge, UK

Recently NVIDIA agreed to acquire ARM for around $40bn making the combined company a formidable force in the world of classical computing which will now include CPU’s as well as GPU’s. Right now NVIDIA is not involved in the Quantum space, but we think that might well change in the future as the whole area of Quantum Machine Learning heats up. Now the UK will benefit from a new Artificial Intelligence research centre.

We will create an open center of excellence in the area once home to giants like Isaac Newton and Alan Turing, for whom key NVIDIA technologies are named.

NVIDIA on the new Cambridge Artificial Intelligence Center

The established leader in the GPU market will see scientists and engineers from all over the world congregate in Cambridge to develop new technologies which power the economy in the areas such as Automation, self driving, vision, graphics, AI and healthcare. The centre will aim to provide the following:

  • An Arm / NVIDIA-based supercomputer. Likely the most powerful AI super computers on the planet comprised of ARM CPU’s and NVIDIA GPU’s such as Mellanox DPUs.
  • Research Fellowships and Partnerships. Covering cutting-edge work in healthcare, autonomous vehicles, robotics, data science and more.
  • AI Training.The Deep Learning Institute, has trained more than 250,000 students on both fundamental and applied AI. NVIDIA make their curriculum available throughout the UK. This will provide new AI skills, creating job opportunities. 
  • Startup Accelerator. NVIDIA Inception, a startup accelerator program, will continue and NVIDIA will provide start-ups with access to the Arm supercomputer, connections to researchers from NVIDIA and partners. 
  • Industry Collaboration. Create an open hub for industry collaboration, providing a powerful centre of excellence in Britain.