Multiverse Computing Makes $1m In Contracts During the First Half of This Year

Multiverse Computing (MC) Is one of the leading companies in quantum-inspired algorithms for finance. Multiverse Computing has announced that during the first six months of 2021 managed to close agreements worth more than $1M in Europe and North America. This is an enormous turnover, especially for a quantum company. This success has been achieved by the implementation of the new strategic plan for business development. This plan incorporates some of the following elements that played a key role in landing these agreements.

  • Multiverse Computing has strengthened its department by incorporating specialists in international quantum businesses.
  • They managed to establish two new subsidiaries. One in Paris, France, and the other will be opened very soon in Germany. These two subsidiaries will bring more impact with the already existing ones in San Sebastian, Spain and the other in Toronto, Canada.
  • They managed to create a new communication plan. This plan has tripled the appearances of the company on social networks and international media.
  • Another element was the entry into new markets such as energy, logistics, and life sciences.
  • They developed a new product that will revolutionize the usage of quantum technologies: Singularity.
  • They have also launched two scientific publications with more than 30,000 views and also nine new patents.

This expansion plan will be furtherly reinforced by expanding the existing staff of Multiverse Computing. The staff will soon hit forty people, and more than half of these experts that are working for Multiverse computing have a relevant Ph.D. degree in the field of quantum technology.

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