Largest Photonic Quantum Processor Ships To Hungary

A new record has been set for photonic quantum processor seller, Quix Quantum, as they will ship the largest photonic quantum processor to Hungary and install it at the Hungarian Quantum Information National Laboratory initiative. The processor is the largest quantum photonic processor and is being jointly purchased by the Faculty of Science and of Informatics of the Eötvös Loránd University.

“Quix Quantum’s systems are becoming the de-facto standard in photonic quantum computing”

Dr. Jelmer Renema, CTO of Quix Quantum.

The goal is to use the photonic processor chip for academic research into quantum photonic computing. Quantum photonic processors will make it possible to process information in a completely new way and to solve problems that conventional supercomputers cannot. This is achieved by using photons (light particles).

Quix Quantum is a quantum computing company that majors in the production and selling of photonic quantum processors. The Quix chip to be installed in Hungary is the 5th quantum processor to leave the Quix plant as well as the first quantum hardware in the region.

“We welcome the Hungarian quantum technologies program as customers and look forward to building up our relationship with them.” “We are proud of the fact that there are now QuiX Quantum processors operating in Germany, France, the UK, and now also in Hungary. This shows the continued success of photonics as the leading commercial quantum technology.”

Dr. Jelmer Renema, CTO of Quix Quantum.

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