International Women’s Day is celebrated by leading Quantum Computing Company: Multiverse Computing

International Women'S Day Is Celebrated By Leading Quantum Computing Company: Multiverse Computing

Multiverse Computing, a quantum startup software company has taken a significant step in support of women empowerment and diversifying gender roles through publicly announcing its commitment to continually increase the ratio of its women workforce. The company has successfully established a Gender Equality Committee which aims to stratify the prioritization of female recruits with a guarantee of equality across all concerned employees.

According to industry data, roughly 60% of women in the quantum area say they do not have equal employment chances as men. Recent hiring has increased the number of women in Multiverse’s workforce to roughly one-third, with the bulk of them working in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). According to the corporation, this ratio has been continuously rising and will continue to climb in the following months as recruitment continues.

With this in mind, the establishment of the Gender Equality Committee will allow unbiased reasoning and treatment inside its company. The main function of the group is to ensure to its women that they are all treated equally.

The committee will be responsible for guiding the continuity of our welcoming work environment. This includes activities like yoga and outdoor sports, as well as employee support programs such as mental health workshops.

We are also giving our female employees additional visibility through corporate videos and media, as well as speaking opportunities at international conferences.

Enrique Lizaso Olmos, CEO at Multiverse Computing.

Multiverse Computing thinks that combating this requires cultivating a culture in which women are recognized and empowered, and where they are encouraged to take chances and lead innovation. One of the company’s basic values is openness and collaboration, and it has paid off. 

Last year, one outstanding young woman joined the Multiverse team. Cristina Sanz is a Quantum Software Developer. She was recently recognized at the Women in Quantum Awards in Santa Clara, California, with the “Builder of the Year Award” for 2021.

I’m glad to be recognized for my work of course, but the most important part of these awards is to increase the visibility of women in quantum, this is how we will encourage more girls to study STEM subjects, and eventually work in
quantum. If they see that women like me can achieve these things, it will give more young women the confidence they need to follow this path toward a career in
quantum too.

Cristina Sanz is a Quantum Software Developer

Multiverse’s international expansion has resulted in an increase in the diversity of its products. The workforce is not only the company’s preferred path, but it is also unavoidable for the company’s success. In the cause of equality and for business interests.

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