Tencent to invest $70 billion in infrastructure including Quantum Computing

Tencent accelerates the pace of China's Quantum Computing involvement.

Keen not to become technological laggards the Chinese are not holding back when it comes to investing in Quantum technology. Tencent Holdings, the Chinese technology giant has $70 billion ear-marked for investment in everything from cloud to IOT and of course Quantum Computing. Perhaps best known for its WeChat messaging app, Tencent is looking to expand its range of appeal and products, particularly as consumer growth is muted.

Tencent warms up the Quantum Computing race between nations

So far we have yet to see the kind of announcements in the Quantum sphere as Google, IBM etc are making and developments with Quantum Cloud. But this news is going to clearly enhance the competition between nations in the race for Quantum Technologies and Quantum Computers. Tencent are reported to be working on Quantum Chemistry applications and a Quantum Cloud.