Quantum Zeitgeist voters choose super conducting qubits as most promising qubit technology

In another poll from QZ, we ask the community what technology is likely to be the most promising. Out of a range of possibilities, the audience chose super conducting technology as the qubit technology that is likely to be most promising.

Here are the results in full:

  • Super Conducting Qubits 50%
  • Ion Trap Qubits 25%
  • Photonic Qubits 12.5%
  • Semi Conducting Qubits 12.5%

Interestingly is shows that some of the biggest players such as Google, IBM and Rigetti who are building super conducting systems are likely to be the biggest winners. Second, perhaps surprisingly are Ion Trap Qubits which are being build by start-ups like Universal Quantum in the UK. Third and Forth place go to Photonics and Semi Conducing. Photonics, we were surprised didn’t make it to 2nd or even first place and has a major following with the likes of Xanadu. Semi Conducting Qubits are being built by the likes of Intel for its obvious expertise in this sector, but there aren’t many players in this Qubit technology. Survey was done on 40 people.