Quantum Computing Company of the Day: QC Ware

Quantum Computing Company Of The Day: Qc Ware

One of the granddaddy’s in the dedicated Quantum Computing space, QC Ware was founded way back in 2014, which is quite an aeon at the current pace of quantum technology. Back in 2014, there was no IBM Q Experience cloud service (with just 5 Qubits), however QCWare was already on the scene with its Quantum Computing consulting. Started by founders Matt Johnson, Randall Correll and KJ Sham and has noted advisors (Chief Scientific Advisor) such as Scott Aaronson who is very well known in Quantum Computing space.

What does QC Ware Do?

QC Ware works across multiple sectors such as Quantum Chemistry, Automative and, well, the list is long, but it has noted clients such as Goldman Sachs and Airbus. Mainly they operate as a consultancy, and whilst they have their own development software, it does not appear to be open source, but they do interface with all the familiar open source QC frameworks.

Technologies employed

As any competent consultancy will attest to, QC Ware are relatively framework independent as have been known to work with all the main Quantum frameworks such as Cirq, Qiskit and PyQuil.

Getting Quantum Ready

Clearly being an early entrant into the Quantum Space, QC Ware have dedicated a great deal of their energy in educating businesses about preparing for a quantum future.

Quantum Computing Company Of The Day: Qc Ware
QC Ware, Quantum Awareness. Assisting businesses prepare for Quantum Computing. Q2B (Quantum 2 Business).

QC Ware run dedicated annual events called Q2B where they get some of the most well known experts (John Preskill, Peter Chapman, John Martinis for example) in the room to talk about Quantum Computing in the context of solving business problems.

Future Challenges

In the last few (three) years we have massive inroads from the likes of Amazon (which launched it’s Braket service on AWS, IBM and even Microsoft), but that doesn’t mean that businesses can suddenly find potential use cases and have the quantum skills in house to use these services.

IBM has historically made itself indispensable by focusing on its consultancy services. That means QC Ware has to keep raising the game and ensuring that it can offer clear value to its clients.