Mastercard recognizes Quantum Computing as important future trend

In their monthly signals report Mastercard highlight how important Quantum Computing is for the development of the business. In a recent series Mastercard show how they understand the potential of Quantum Computing.

Mastercard is cognisant of the future potential of Quantum Computing

The first post in this series focuses on quantum computing, a technology born from the breakthrough of subatomic particle isolation. The resulting quantum bits deliver astonishing computational power and are exponentially faster than our most powerful supercomputers.

Mastercard signals report

The report covers topics about how Quantum Computing is different from Classical Computing and how concepts such as superposition work in additional to the potential use cases such as Large optimization problems such could be applied to transaction and settlement behavior. For example, at least one financial institution is exploring the use of quantum computing to optimize securities transaction settlements. This could be especially useful in environments with varying credit, collateral and liquidity constraints. Also Mastercard are excited about how Quantum Computing might help speed up the training of Machine Learning models.

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