Investing in Quantum Technology – the latest pitches from Quantum Start-ups at QTEC

QZ attended the latest QTEC investor showcase which highlights the latest in investment pitches from putative and current Quantum start-ups. We heart pitches from companies such as CDT (Sumitomo) to FlouretiQ to KETS.

QTEC (Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre) Investor Showcase is an annual affair and this year (4th) held online due to covid has opened the door to guests from further afield, but usually held in London. Jane Garrett, Enterprise Lead at QTEC led the opening of the virtual event held on the 17th of September.

It’s not just Quantum Start-ups, there are many various companies such as Silotron are aiming squarely at helping to prevent blindness in the ophthalmology space.

We also heard from the Oxford start-up Quantum Dice which innovates by building true quantum random numbers and digital keys. Increasingly important for security, obtaining properly random number devices is proving key in the encryption marketplace. The underlying technology was developed by world experts in Quantum technology from Oxford university. They claim to have surpassed competitors in speed of producing numbers and have obtained around 600k in funding. They are looking to raise around 800k in their next round.

KETS Quantum security also presented, the company combined quantum technology in way to improve security in the cloud. They are focused on securing the 5G world. They aim to ensure that the world is securely protected against threats from Quantum Computing. They have demo’s available for companies interested on exploring their technology.

Above are just a selection of companies that are presenting in the 4th annual QTEC Investor conference.

About QTEC

The Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre is a key part of the UK’s National Quantum Technnology Programme and is a world-leading incubator for innovators for quantum inspired technologies.