Elija Perrier and WEF write a new set of Principles for Quantum Computing Governance

Elija Perrier And Wef Write A New Set Of Principles For Quantum Computing Governance

The World Economic Forum has announced Elija Perrier, a Doctoral Candidate of the University of Technology Sydney, as the lead author of the new set of Quantum Computing Governance Principles. Perrier designed the framework that will integrate quantum computing technology as a social responsibility for policymakers and investors to quantum engineers, researchers, and software developers.

The Quantum Computing Governance Principles will accelerate the benefits of future quantum technologies while mitigating the potential challenges.

Elija Perrier, UTS Centre for Quantum Software and Information

Perrier was a lead drafter of the Quantum Computing Governance Principles, he was working to build the ethical framework with the help of his international multistakeholder team of quantum professionals, emerging technology ethics, and law experts. Elija Perrier’s doctoral research focuses on the field of quantum machine learning, including quantum algorithm design, geometric and statistical learning theory, and quantum control.

Quantum computing is one of the most significant technologies to emerge in recent decades,

With the promise of paradigm-shifting computational capacity, there will be significant ethical considerations regarding the use, development and distribution of quantum technologies in the future.

Elija Perrier, UTS Centre for Quantum Software and Information

Perrier has spent several years advocating for responsible innovation in the design of quantum technologies. He was a research affiliate at the Australian National University’s Humanising Machine Intelligence program and was the first researcher to publish a paper on ethical quantum computing.

While there are many global initiatives for the ethical use of technologies in artificial intelligence and bioethics, there is little or no structured research into the ethical implications of quantum technologies,

The aim of the Principles is to provide a resource for a variety of stakeholders in the quantum community, government, the private sector and academia when considering how to balance regulation and development of quantum technologies.

Elija Perrier, UTS Centre for Quantum Software and Information

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