SEEQC Red Puts Italy on the Quantum Computing Map

Seeqc Red Puts Italy On The Quantum Computing Map

SEEQC, a digital quantum computing company, has recently presented Italy’s first complete quantum computer, SEEQC System Red, at its laboratory in Naples. This achievement represents a significant advancement in technology and innovation for both the country and the industry. SEEQC Red is a reference-class quantum computer that utilizes the firm’s unique quantum computing platform, which includes firmware, software packages, and a cloud portal. This platform allows users to access the reference system to execute any universal application or algorithm.

SEEQC’s quantum computing system stands out by prioritizing quality and speed over the number of qubits. This emphasis on quality and speed enables software developers to execute their algorithms with significantly lower error rates than competitors, up to four times lower when compared to universal quantum computing systems available on cloud services.

Additionally, SEEQC Red offers the fastest native two-qubit gates available on publicly available quantum cloud services, achieving gate speeds up to 10 times faster than competitors while maintaining competitive gate fidelities compared to the most advanced systems currently available quantum cloud platforms. SEEQC Red has achieved average 2-qubit gate speeds of 39ns and average gate fidelities of 98.4%.

“This marks more than a single milestone in computing. As the first quantum computer in Italy, SEEQC Red marks a significant point in the history of innovation in Italy, and represents important progress in our mission across the entire quantum computing industry. Our teams in Naples and around the world have collaborated on this achievement, a critical milestone on our roadmap to building scalable, energy-efficient quantum computing. Our next step is to move this into commercial usage by building a quantum data and test center here in Naples, and we look forward to partnering with federal and regional government, private investment funds and our industrial partners to help realize this vision.”

John Levy, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SEEQC

SEEQC and Italian Government Prioritize Quantum Computing Development in Italy

The Italian government has demonstrated its commitment to prioritising quantum computing by allocating research and funding resources over the next few years. The government has announced a significant investment in this area, intending to establish the country as a leader in the field. SEEQC, as a prominent industry leader, has positioned itself as a valuable resource in the country at a time when the Italian government is focused on advancing quantum research and investment.

SEEQC’s team of quantum computing experts, based at the company’s research and development facility in Naples, played a crucial role in building the SEEQC Red system and SFQ chips. As part of the effort to create the first full-stack quantum computer in Italy, researchers at SEEQC’s laboratory and testing facility in Naples developed and measured the system’s two-qubit gate, a crucial milestone on the quantum computing roadmap.

“These achievements are not only a source of pride for our country, but also demonstrate Italy’s strong commitment to becoming a leader in the emerging field of quantum computing. This is the first quantum computer in Italy, and one of only a few in Europe. Securing Italy’s position as a leading nation in the quantum computing race positions the country to be part of solving some of the biggest challenges facing humanity –- the promise of quantum computing that SEEQC is putting that into action right here in Naples.”

Marco Arzeo, lead research and lab manager at SEEQC-EU in Naples

SEEQC’s Partnerships Drive Scalable Application-Specific Designs

SEEQC’s cutting-edge quantum computing platform, SEEQC Red, has garnered significant commercial interest from third-party companies seeking to execute algorithms on its platform. The validation of third-party algorithmic benchmarks is crucial in determining the effectiveness of a quantum computing platform. The company has already partnered with leading global industrial companies such as Merck KGaA and BASF SE.

Despite being one of only eight companies to demonstrate systems of its type and calibre globally, SEEQC has collaborated with HQS Quantum Simulations in Germany to enable the company to execute its algorithm and achieve useful results for the first time.

This breakthrough shows that SEEQC’s platform, at a modest scale achievable in the near term, can potentially deliver quantum advantage for commercially relevant applications in computational simulations within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

SEEQC’s SFQ Digital Chips – A Major Leap Towards Scalability in Quantum Computing

SEEQC has announced the development of its Single Flux Quantum (SFQ) digital chips, which are capable of running all core functions of a quantum computer at the same temperature as the system’s superconducting qubits. These chips incorporate digital multiplexing on-chip, reducing large-scale quantum systems’ cost and complexity.

SEEQC’s digital chip technology operates at speeds up to 40 GHz, implementing classical qubit control, readout, multiplexing, and data processing, fully integrated with qubits, and enabling new functionalities to quantum computing.

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