Lego to Build a Quantum Computer?

Lego To Build A Quantum Computer?

We don’t think the Toy Giant will quite manage some of the physics required to create a real working machine (even if their Technic products are fantastic for scientists and engineers). Still, they might inspire a new generation with a proposal from a Lego enthusiast for a Lego version of the IBM Quantum Computer made from the infamous bricks.

A Lego Enthusiast has created a 403-piece LEGO set that replicates the IBM Q Quantum Computer System, allowing kids and adults to learn about the composition of a quantum computer while building a model of a real-life quantum computer data centre. The set features a cooling system, microwave electronics, and a 433-qubit Osprey quantum processor. The model is designed to be both educational and displayable, with detailed facades and realistic components.

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that uses the principles of quantum mechanics to solve complex problems beyond the capabilities of classical computers, and this would be, we believe, the first Lego build proposal. Quantum computers can potentially revolutionize various industries, including healthcare, financial services, defence, weather modelling, and cybersecurity, and this Lego build inspire a younger generation or be an excellent desk toy.

IBM Q Quantum Computer LEGO Set

The IBM Q Quantum Computer LEGO set is a detailed, realistic model of a quantum computer system, consisting of 403 pieces and measuring 11.2 (w) x 16.0 (l) x 17.1 (h) cm, or 4.4 (w) x 6.3 (l) x 6.7(h) inches. The set has a scale of 1:18 and features a raised server floor with ventilation grids for wiring and cooling, a light-blue IBM 42U server cabinet, a Cryomech PT415-RM cryocooler, and two water-cooled CPA1110 helium compressor packages.

At the model’s centre is a tall Bluefors XLD-4K Cryostat support frame suspending a golden dilution refrigerator with an IBM 433-qubits Osprey quantum processor at the bottom. One half of the model is exposed to display the insides, while the other half is enclosed with a cover that could be printed with the ‘IBM Q’ logo.

The IBM Quantum Computer LEGO set is designed to be both educational and visually appealing. It offers a 360° displayable model with four highly detailed facades, providing a rewarding building experience for those interested in quantum computer systems.

The set can be a virtual on-site accompaniment for quantum computing users building cloud-based IBM Qiskit quantum applications and experiments on remote quantum hardware or simulators. Its realistic and accurate details and descriptive building instructions can help familiarize builders with the intricate parts of a quantum computer system that IBM uses. Of course, other technologies are used for qubits aside from superconducting, such as Ion Trap, Photonic and even Topological.

Bringing Quantum Computing to a School or Desk

The IBM Quantum Computer is built to take quantum computing out of the lab and into a commercial setting. The LEGO set allows kids and adults to discover and learn about the composition of a quantum computer system while recreating a slice of a real-life quantum computer data centre used by industry, academia, research, and national labs.

The IBM facility inspires this model in Poughkeepsie, New York, which houses the world’s largest fleet of quantum computers. We don’t know precisely where the proposal comes from, but we suspect it might have originated from the folks at IBM. But who cares if it inspires a new generation into science and technology, especially quantum?