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Riverlane to roll out universal operating system for quantum computing with $20 million series A round.

Riverlane can now begin building DeltaFlow, an operating system for quantum computers that will eventually spread worldwide. After a recent Series A funding of $20 million, the British company can now commence its operations. It has managed to get 20% of quantum hardware manufacturers to use Deltaflow since 2020. The funding will help Riverlane expand internationally.

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ColdQuanta get $32 million in funding round and UK government funding

ColdQuanta recently announced that $32 million was raised in Series A funding, and there will be more to come. Co-led by Global Frontier Investments and LCP Quantum Partners, they were joined by current investor Maverick Ventures and a new investor, Foundry Group. These funds will be used to develop quantum computers, quantum positioning systems, and real-time quantum signal processing.

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