Quantum Machine Learning

Tensorflow for Quantum hits first Birthday

The enormously popular machine learning frame work: TensorFlow that was adapted for the Quantum domain reaches its first birthday mile stone. The framework from Google/Alphabet has made machine learning and deep learning possible at scale and the software that is created from TF (TensorFlow) gets wrapped up into numerous projects and tools. Roughly one year ago back in March 2020 (how the world was so different), TensorFlow got a Quantum flavour.

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Quantum Computing News

Google’s Tensorflow says “Hello Many Worlds”, as it now heads into Quantum Machine Learning

Tensorflow created a storm when it turned up on the Machine Learning scene a few years ago. There were some older frameworks such as Caffe for example. But Google unleashed Tensorflow on the world in 2015 and we have not looked back. You must have heard of Machine Learning, but you may not have heard of Quantum Machine Learning – yes its a thing. The latest announcement from Google debuting its move into Quantum Machine Learning comes as no surprise.

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