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Microsoft’s New Quantum Computing Course: Quantum computing foundations

We feature quite a few different Quantum courses. In the past we have covered courses from IBM, EdX, Coursera, Brilliant and Microsoft. We now can report there is another instalment in the popular Quantum Computing series from Microsoft. The course is named quantum computing foundations and aims to help users begin exploring quantum computing and optimization (one of the early but indeed very useful applications of Quantum Computing).

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Exclusive Interview with Kitty Yeung, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Quantum

Kitty Yeung PhD is responsible for some of the coolest Quantum Educational materials we have ever seen. Her comic book style format for learning about Qubits, Quantum gates and Quantum algorithms is insanely popular. We talk to her about her path to being SPM at Microsoft and how she has managed to combine her love of science, her artistry and flair for education.

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